Looking for reliable/durable mouse!


I'm looking for something that has side buttons, programmable macros, as well as a mouse wheel that can be pushed to the left or right aside from the usual middle click.

Trying to replace my 2nd Logitech G600 that both started breaking down in 6 months. I also have a bad experience with Razer products so I'm looking to try other brands other than the 2 mentioned.

It's going to be used for both gaming and work.

Looking forward to so
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    That said, I've got 4 G500s and 3 G502s between home and work. The oldest is about 2 1/2 years old (I'm trusting my memory on that), and the newest is about 1 year old (my personal mouse, replaced the ancient G5 when it went out).

    I've never had a 500 series go out on me (other than the G5, and that was almost a decade old). I know you haven't had a great experience with the G600, but it's one of the worse models from Logitech. If you're looking for something with scripting capabilities, LGS is really the only option for mice.
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