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I just built my gaming pc, and I'm setting it up now. I want to install some apps from the internet using but all my downloads go to my 120G ssd. I want them to go to my 1Tb hdd and I already changed the options in my browser settings (wich is still Edge as I need to download Chrome). When I went to, selected my apps and clicked the download button, it asked me if Ninite could make changes to my pc. I clicked more info and it said it was coming from my C: drive, wich is my ssd. Is this normal? I really want my downloads on my hdd because it will get full easy if all my downloads go there.

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  1. Check if there's a setting in Ninite. If you are not using Edge, why would Edge's settings apply?
  2. mamasan2000 said:
    Check if there's a setting in Ninite. If you are not using Edge, why would Edge's settings apply?

    I do use Edge, but I want Chrome. But I want the download files for Chrome to get on my hdd so I'm waiting until I know how to get it on my hdd
  3. You can actually re-map your downloads folder!

    Open an explorer window and right click on the Downloads folder. Select Properties. Then in the window that opens, click on the Location tab. You will see where the folder is mapped to and you can target a new destination from there. Windows 8.1 and 10 will even ask if you want to move all of the contents to the new location.
  4. Install Chrome, then set your preferred download location in Chrome's settings:

    Whatever location you set, that will then become the default download location that Chrome uses.
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    Terminology check:
    Downloads vs Installs

    What you seem to be talking about is Installs. The applications.
    Not 'downloads' through your browser.

    Applications installed from do indeed get installed on the C drive.
    But generally those are so tiny as to not be a problem, even with a small 120GB drive.

    Your only other solution is to install each of those individually, making them install to the drive you want.
  6. After your get the system all set up with your applications, read these for how to manage space on that little drive:

    Win 7 & 8:
    Win 8.1 & 10:
  7. for you that don't know what he's talking about:

    Ninite is a web page you select application/programs you wish to have installed in a batch environment, the app downloads and installs pre packaged software without the nasty share/buzz/other wares attached to them, unfortunately;

    Ninite "Free" does not permit to choose what drive your installing the program to your system no.

    I have already sent them a suggestion regarding this as I, would rather not have those apps on my SSD either.
    maybe if more people would they would change it. It may be a "pro" version choice mind you, but I could not see anything about it
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