Will intel pentium g4560 work with Gigabyte h110m ds 2?

Gonna buy a pc with those parts hope it works
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  1. You will need to update the BIOS before installing the CPU. Updating the BIOS requires you to have a Skylake processor, so there's that.

    Just get a B250 motherboard.
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    Pentium g4560 supports h110 chipsets. you can use your Pentium g4560 after updating the bios to version F20 using a skylake CPU. if you do not have a skylake cpu then you can buy a bios updated motherboard from a local computer shop or you can ask them to update the bios. it will work on Gigabyte H110m DS2 after F20 bios update.

    You can also buy a B250 Motherboard it will support skylake and kabylake CPU's right out of the box.
    Thanks for reading my answer! Hope it helps!
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