SSD as Boot Drive. Help Moving User Files/Temp data to Secondary HDD.

Hello. I believe I am following forum rules after browsing through them :)

I recently Built my first Rig. Windows 7 64-bit, 4790K, Gtx 1060 6Gb, Ddr3 16Gb, 2Tb Hgst HDD.

Shortly after I acquired a 512Gb Corsair SSD to use as a boot drive. Only problem I've found is Temp files and User data seem to clog it up fairly quickly.

I found a Guide to changing from a HDD as main boot drive to SS. I did not find a guide for when you already have SSD as your main HD, an want to make a HDD your secondary for clutter files etc.

Here is the guide I found, but, I already have everything I want on the computer. I just need to have all user and temp files going to HDD. The guide I found would have me delete all files on my drives first.

Thanks for any info you can give. Hope I didnt miss something very obvious :)
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  1. you would go to c:\users > your user folder > high light My Documents > right click > Location > select move > and point to the HDD.
  2. Thank you, the link I posted tells me you can only move the files that way, not permanently? Its saying to regedit to change the permanent location, where as the folders its suggesting to move(maybe i was wrong on the exact temp files) wont permanently move unless moved in regedit.

    Problem with its directions, are im already on the ssd as main drive, not starting with the HDD as my main drive, so, I dont know if the regedit commands it gives will fudge my computer up, cause its in reverse.
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