Razer Deathadder Elite or Corsair Glaive RGB? (Bad exp with Razer)

** Like the title asked, I'm considering between these 2 mouses. The games I play are both FPS and MOBA. The DA has a good form, and the Glaive looks pretty cool btw. Both have the same price also. Which has better quality? Quality is my first goal, then is convenient and comfortable. I don't care much about high dpi or rgb led, sofware... Thanks for your helping.

*So right now, I'm using Razer Mamba Tournament Edition, and I must say that it is the WORST mice I ever ever used. If you do a little research "razer mamba te freezes" on google, you can find like hundreds of threads about this problem. And though Razer updated the firmware to fix it, it still be freeze usually, for real. Freeze is not the only problem I have right now, inaccurate cursor is another problem, feelsbadman. The freeze problem, I got it like a month after I bought it, with me this problem is okay, cause when it's freeze, I just unplug and plug back again (I'm using laptop). But 3 days ago, the inaccurate problem began, I thought because of water on my mouse mats (my hand sometimes sweats) but it's not. So this is how I get bad experiment with Razer stuffs. I know many people say Razer sucks, now I see it. But I still confuse should i choose the DA or not, cause it has a really good design form.
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    Razer makes really good mice and keyboards, I have a Razer Diamondback (bought it cause it fit my grip) and it works SO well. A few months ago, I ran into the same freezing problem, it was quite frustrating for me. But after a quick bit of googling, I found a solution:

    Just set your polling rate under performance or something to 500, and then recailbrate your mouse. I had a little bit of tracking issues after that, but it slowly disappeared after like 2 weeks.

    I don't have much experience using Corsair peripherals, but I like Razer. Their products are high quality

    : D
  2. I got the Corsair 635 (used to have a deathadder) and I like it a lot more in my hand and the software is not so bloatware as the Razer one is.

    so my vote is go Corsair... good mice
  3. I tried but it still sucks. There are many threads and it's still no solution. And like i said, the freeze one is not a big matter to me cause i can unplug and plug back. The issue right now is inaccurate, i guess it because of laser or calibration, but since i'm using goliathus control and i choose it in calibration, so i dont think calibration is the reason.
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