Need Help Choosing between Asus Z170 Pro Motherboard OR MSI Intel Z270-GAMING-M5 7th/6th Gen USB2 Motherboard

Hello everyone well here is my problem.. I've been reading "reviews" on each of these boards and each has their quirks but i'm willing to overlook the handful of bad comments as the good reviews are in greater numbers for each of them.

I'm here to ask what each of you would pick in my shoes because i'm completely unsure and i don't want to order a €100-€200 motherboard only to find iv'e chosen the wrong one.

I'm also open to recommendations on different motherboards here as i don't mind shelling out €200-€300 on a motherboard. I hope you all can help me and any input is greatly appreciated.

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  1. What cpu are you getting? Ocing or not? Do you need wifi?
  2. If your running the newest intel generation you need a Z270 board , because most Z170 boards don't have the BIOS updated to run a KABY LAKE CPU.
  3. Sorry for the lack of info boys. I'm going to be using an i7-7700K Processor yes. So the question now is should i go MSI or ASUS. I've been looking at MSI Intel Z270 Z270 Gaming M7 or should i go with an ASUS LGA 1151 MAXIMUS IX HERO Intel Z270 ATX
    like i originally stated i'm open to recommendations also as i'm no expert.

    Thanks for your reply's thus far appreciate it so much
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    ASUS Hero SERIES IS AMAZING and ASUS does have better QC.
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    ASUS Hero SERIES IS AMAZING and ASUS does have better QC.

    Well thanks again for the reply its settled then. Ill order the ASUS tonight many thanks and have a great day.
  6. Glad to assist you have a great day too!!!!!!!!!!!!
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