how to install win 8 on a 960evo m.2 on a x370 board

ok i just upgraded about 90% of my pc from an intel i5-3550 to a ryzen 7 1800x build aside from my old hdd and power supply. how do i install windows on my new 500g 960 evo m.2 when all i have is a windows 8 key on a usb thumb drive, build below.

asrock x370 fata1ity professional gaming mobo
amd ryzen 7 1800x cpu
16gb g.skill flare 3200mhz mem
samsung 960 evo 500g m.2 ssd
xspc d5 ex360 water cooling kit
800w power supply
1tb western digital hdd
msi gtx980 video card

i've tried unplugging all sata cables (all 2 of them 1 for hdd other for cd drive) and when i try installing windows 8 from my usb drive i get an error saying there's no drive detected, have found and formatted the 960 evo but unable to install windows 8 as thats the only key i have.

someone please help, if any other information is needed do ask for it i'll do the best i can to provide it.
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  1. Have you put the USB drive as the first boot priority in the BIOS?
    If you haven't, that's probably the reason. Also, put your SSD on the second in boot priority, to avoid any risk of the windows installing on the wrong disk.

    Try that if you haven't already.
  2. i've tried setting the usb drive as the first and the ssd as second but it still tells me no drive detected via a black screen and tells me to install a drive then reboot. i tried calling microsoft and they told me they do not support win 8 anymore and i can try the forums.
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    1. First of all we're assuming you're trying to install Win 8.1 and NOT Win 8 as your OS. Win 8 is a nightmare disguised as an operating system, capiche?

    2. Your best bet would be to fresh-install Win 8.1 using the MS "media creation tool" which you can download from (if you haven't done so already).

    3. Then copy your user-created data from your old system to the new one. You will, of course, have to reinstall all (or virtually all) the programs/applications installed on the old system. An onerous task for you to be sure but I think it's the wise thing to do.

    4. You are wise to uninstall any other drive installed in your system, e.g., the 1 TB WD HDD, during the Win 8.1 installation process, but there's no need to uninstall your optical drive.

    5. Turning to another point...I would hope you would give serious consideration to installing the Win 10 OS in your AMD Ryzen system rather than Win 8.1 unless you're working with programs that for some reason or other demand a Win 8.1 OS in order to properly function. It seems more & more clear that MS desires to move away from supporting the latest hardware configurations involving Intel's Kaby Lake & AMD's Ryzen processors, let alone OSs prior to Win 10.
  4. im trying to install win 8 because i have a win 8 key not 8.1 and once i have win 8 i plan on updating it to win 10
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