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Okay so, I looked this up but I'd figure I'd ask anyway.

I have i7 930, sabertooth x58m. I had a micro atx x58m before and it was a utter bitch to get the noctua nh-d14 in, but I did. I recalled using one of the Y connectors/splitters/ or w/e, put into cpu fan header.

After a while my micro atx got killed by surge and I went to sabertooth. Been using stock cpu cooler. After months of laziness I take it out and finally find the time to put the giant back in. I lost my connector or whatever, some low-speed splitter, and they are both connected to chassis at the moment since I figured they are 3-pin, and the cpu fan header is one 4-pin.

Can I just plug the middle fan's 3-pin into the cpu fan header and be technically good to go or.. must I buy one of these connectors/splitters because I lost it.

Or should I go on a bios adventure? Sorry if I sound confusing.
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    The bios can't help you, you'll need something plugged into the CPU header or you'll always get that warning. If your temps are fine setup like that roll with it if not get another splitter
  2. So I can either buy another one of these Y splitters or plug the middle fan's 3-pin (larger one between the heat sinks) into the 4-pin cpu fan header, I'll just lose the PWM controlled speed since the fourth pin allows that? Just making sure really, nothing wrong otherwise.
  3. Exactly correct
  4. Alright nice I'll try the alternate option while I look for a splitter.
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