When does sli or cross fire benefit you?

I've only been in the pc master race family since before Christmas, learning off of you tube after my laptop died then building my current gaming rig and just recently a friends.

I have friends who have paid through the nose for systems to be built for them such as 2 1080's in sli with i7 cpu's who where told by the builders they would need these for the best gaming performance and be able to stream their game play on twitch tv and other platforms at the same time.

From what i have found so far sli and cross fire only benefit content creators, you tubers and a like.

Any experience and opinions appreciated.

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  1. SLI benefits you when 1 GPU isn't enough to reach the performance you desire. Assuming the game supports it, and you are not CPU bound. When dealing with 1080ti SLI, it's pretty much only beneficial at 4K.
  2. You need to figure out what you're trying to accomplish first. Then you can see what your options are. So maybe one card will get your performance where you want it to be. Maybe you'll need two cards. It's not really a benefit so much as it's a performance level. SLI or Crossfire is just a way of reaching that performance.

    There are people who are willing to spend whatever it takes. That's a whole other thing. Some people like having monster rigs and are willing to pay for it. They may or may not need that performance but they want it.
  3. Yeah but thats my question though guys, when / who actually benefits from sli / cross fire in the real world? And on the side note of the friend who wants to live stream whilst in game would one 1060-1080 card be enough?
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    The encoding for streaming is mainly extra CPU work, the gpu isn't really impacted so no sli and crossfire doesn't help here.

    As said sli and crossfire really only helps when a single gpu does not exist that is strong enough for your needs. Sli and crossfire have downsides including some games don't support it, support is poor or support is added long after the game first releases. In those situations you end up running 1 card anyway. Personally Id take a 1080Ti over sli 1080's, yes in games that support sli well the 1080's will out perform a single 1080Ti but in all other games the 1080Ti wins.
  5. Thank you for that sizzling.
  6. I believe single most powerful card out at the time is the way to go, unless you have a handful of specific games that run well with sli/crossfire. In that case, you can do it and not worry, otherwise you could be waiting for a sli profile at launch of new games or new games that just don't support multi gpu at all, and then you're stuck with single card performance.
  7. that makes sense, thank you Reaper
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