USB ports on windows 7 64 but not working

o sum up what I am going through, I have a dell xps8900 and I tried updating a driver and chose an option that made my USB ports stop working in normal windows 7, they work in safe modes and bios setup. I have tried updating drivers, restoring factory cmos settings, removing and re adding the existing cmos battery, I have checked all the connections in the case and they are fine, I tried uninstalling drivers and rebooting in safe mode, I have tried sfc/scan now, I have also tried safe mode with networking and downloaded the drivers specific to my keyboard and mouse, no luck, I really need to know what I have to do or can do to fix this.
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    Your problem is Windows 7 does not have XHCI drivers installed by default. Starting with the 6th generation processors and their accompanying chipsets, EHCI is no longer supported, and Windows 7 only has support for XHCI out of the box. You're going to have to go to Dell's site and try to find a Windows 7 XHCI USB controller driver. This driver may be folded into your Intel chipset drivers, so if you can't find one specifically for the USB controller, download and reinstall your chipset drivers.
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