HELP! need advise, home-built rig playing Mass Effect : Andromeda

hi all,
Here are my Specs:

I have a problem when I'm playing ME:A installed on SSD, on any overall Graphics settings I'm only getting between 17-40Fps
I've been reading around and from what I gathered I should be getting between 60-90Fps on Ultra graphics settings.
Yesterday I used Microsoft defender to do a fresh start and still no increase in Fps
I used furmark to do a stress test to check GFX card and results were fine (score +-7100 ) and have also done a Memery test (just to make sure it's not the RAM) also fine
I disabled Vsync and Fps seemed worse
also running Win10

All of this done and still no differance

Please any advise is greatly appretiated
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  1. your specs look fine and your gpu is positively oberkill for this game so the only problem i can think of is the meagre 8Gb ddr3 RAM.
  2. I've heard that Andromeda has quite a few bugs and isn't very well optimized yet. However, I personally don't own it, so I may be completely wrong.
  3. it's not just ME:A
    I have tried Bayonetta too, I get 60 fps in menu and 5 fps during gameplay
    It's 2 sticks of 8Gb ram each, totalling 16GB

    I'm deciding weather I should do a complete new install of win10 at this momemt
  4. Now that I reread your original post (and it's not 3:00 AM again), I noticed that you said the retention clip for your first PCIe slot is broken. Even if the card doesn't fall out of the slot, that could still be causing issues because the card may not be quite fully seated in the slot.
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