Can you help me decide between these two premium 4tb hard drives?

I will be using these for gaming and some content creation.

The hitachi is 25 dollars cheaper in cad. Noise level is important to me. these two had the least noise complaints in their reviews.
Was thinking of getting a wd gold but those are more for server loads so i thought maybe its slower.
The hitachi is advertised as a nas. is that too specialized?
are one of these drives faster?
Why is the cache so big? 128 mb might slow it down as it checks if it already has the data?

Also I think the hitachi is plug and play where as I have to specially install the seagate. After I have it working on this computer I will be installing windows onto it on my next build. Id like to know the seagate will maintain its 4tb size without being configured again.
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    I like the SEAGATE.
  2. NAS drives tend to have some firmware tweaks to make them more friendly in a RAID environment. They are also rated for 24/7 use. This is not to say that a normal drive can not live 24/7. I have put some WDC Blues and Seagates into that kind of use without much issues.

    I have had more Seagate drives run into issues, but I also have owned many more Seagates so this does kind of skew the numbers a bit.

    Best to check the reviews(since I have not used these drives. Rules out many 7200rpm models based on noise for the most part. I use SSDs for speed). Drive noise is rather subjective. I have found the slower drives to be more quiet(and not an issue for file storage for me.).
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I like the SEAGATE.

    i looked it up and the seagate is 20% faster. i guess cause its not nas.
  4. Remember that any drive can fail so have a backup plan in place just in case.
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