to have FASTEST speed of gaming more important without error and life time long

Hello toms hardware community i have a question about vram virtual ram or ssd ? i need no waiting in loading screen and fast connect in multiplayer games i have an amazing speed of internet with 2000mbit speed.

1) 128gb vram virtual ram disk or 128gb ssd hard disk budget doesnt matter speed of gaming more important.

explaining about vram: Vramdisk stores data in HDD when computer Turned on/off takes information from HDD to load in RAM. so i wonder how i think VRAM virtual ram 1000x faster speed than SSD ever can get. (sry if my english is bad.)

Edit: do i get error of blue screen if vram virtual ram gaming i do ?!!

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  1. Virtual memory is faster than disk only while running but needs to be filled up from disk and that takes time. It also depends on how and what is using it, how large etc.
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  2. So if we think about how large. its 70-60 GB a game and another question; its gonna load 1 time at startup that => hdd to virtual ram right ? so it won't have any laggy situation
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  3. That's if you can make it load what's necessary at boot time because every time you shut computer down everything is lost, that's why virtual disk is good mostly only for temporary file use.
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    If you want stability you do not want to use a RAMDisk, and to get a 128 GB RAM disk you need more than 128 GB of RAM which is very very expensive to get in a single computer.

    Just get a solid state drive.
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  5. hi guys i m done with this question i bought myself a M2 crucial_CT525MX300SSD4
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