GTX 1050 ti lp compatible with my pc?

here are my specs:HP Elite 8200 SFF PC
Intel core i5 2320 3.0-3.3ghz
2x4 ddr3 8gb ram
gt 630 2gb 128bit
hp 320w psu
here is the pic of my cpu

pic of mobo

pic of psu:

My question is simple.will msi or gigabyte gtx 1050ti low profile would fit in it??
or zotac 1050ti or non ti (mini) would fit?
pic of my graphics card (gt 630)
here is zotac 1050ti mini
i read in some threads that hp has oem issues so i dont know that if it would be compatible or not..
i think it can fit because it is too small.
if it cannot fit,please recommend any other graphics card or any suitable version of gtx 1050 or ti
any help would be highly appreciated!!!!
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  1. What case do you have. Some prebuilt PC cases don't come with space for graphics card.
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  2. sos didn't see u already had a graphics card. Should be good. You can check at PC part picker.
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  3. Yeah, it would work
    Although i'd recommend a better PSU upgrade first
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  4. I would consider that PSU good for 190W on the 12V output, and that's being generous. Your CPU is 95W, the card(low profile for SFF) would be 75W, for a total of 170W drawing off the 12V.

    You can see you will be putting a lot of stress on that power supply. Considering the age of the PSU, and the fact that it wasn't meant for that kind of load, you might want to take a close look at it to see if it's a standard size and design. If it is, a PSU upgrade is in your future. If it's not upgradeable, then you're taking a gamble by upgrading the card.

    The card you choose may require a UEFI bios. Be aware of that possible compatibility issue, since most Sandy Bridge motherboards I've seen in pre-builts don't have that kind of bios.
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  5. From your posted picture and power supply it looks like you have a HP Compaq 8200 Elite Microtower PC

    I have a HP Compaq 8200 Elite Small Form Factor PC, which seems to have the same mainboard, but an even smaller case and psu.
    I use a MSI GEFORCE GTX 1050 TI 4GT LP and it fits/works fine, also under full gpu load.
    If you are concerned about power drawn, you can use the NVIDIA System Management Interface to specify a somewhat lower maximum power limit. (with some performance loss of course)

    Nevertheless I have to warn you: PSU upgrade or replacement is not easy to find, as HP used a non-standard, proprietary connector...
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  6. hey dwarvenpath,it seems that i have made a is showing sff pc in properties of my pc but on the web it is microtower
    I want to know that is your psu stronger than mine?
    and if i buy a gtx 750ti lp 2gb,would be there any perfomance drop?
    in this video you can see that the guy puts the gtx 1050 in a 240w psu (written in top comments)and he says that no issue at all
    so can i use a gtx 1050 lp or gtx 750ti 2gb lp?
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  7. Best answer
    Like the guy in the video, i use the 240W PSU of the SFF PC, so i can confirm that the MSI 1050 Ti 4GT LP works (for me).
    But the 1050 (non-Ti) and the 750 Ti should also work.
    Still I would always go for the 1050 Ti, as it has more performance-per-watt and will always be faster than the 750 Ti, even if you reduce its maximum power limit.
    also it has 4GB vs 2GB for the 750 Ti or 1050 non-Ti.
    ... and supports DirectX 12 and H.265/HEVC video en-/decoding
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  8. so it means i can use gtx 1050ti?
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  9. well...quite frankly, you need the card to be compatible with the BIOS, and still you risk your PSU's life or even more compoments lives...If i were you and i didnt know what to do, i'd personally buy an older card, just to be sure that i would have BIOS compatibility, but then again, i'd needed to have a low power card
    you're better off building a new PC from scrach using some componoments from your Dell one
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  10. thanx to all for answering!!
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