Black screenafter overclocking the power setting...

Guys I need help. So currently I was tinkering with my overclocks. I used to use msi afterburner. But recently I found out about zotec firestorm. And did some dumb overclocking, what I did is accidentaly setting the power setting to 10 and didn't realized it I was warned that it would cause instabilities and did it, so now here i am very scared, currently what I did was go into safe mode and uninstalled firestorm so yeah... Im really scared beacause this is a family pc my parents it for work btw my gpu is a GT 730
And I cant afford another gpu and im looking for a way to fix it without purchasing anything.
But yeah any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you have a nice day and take care....

(Note)- The display turns black permanently only works well in safe mode yet I think it still has the os running in the backroud although all I see is black screen and feels like a life sucking abyss T_T
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  1. I may have an idea.
    Go into the bios and under-clock the gpu because the bios could not know that you used on-OS software to originally overclock the GPU. Underclock it by how many MHz you overclocked it and it should level out the clocking. Try it, if the problem persists please reply to me and I will try to do my best to help. Always be careful and read online advice before overclocking anything. Use the right software, and try baby steps. :)

    Kind Regards,
  2. Hey man thanks for responding.. but how exactly do I do this. I am really sorry for bothering u about this
  3. Dragon_toastr said:
    Hey man thanks for responding. But how exactly do I do this? Thank u man

    So you want to overclock a non-K CPU, Right? Tell me if I have the wrong message.

    First of all, Bad idea. The "K" after the CPU represents a unlockable CPU with a better TDP frontplate. These K CPU's are meant for overclocking and for the enthusiasts (And will be like 30-50$ more). But a non-K CPU can be overclocked, but at high risks. A non-K CPU is meant for home use and gaming but not for overclocking. There are ways by bumping up the clock speed in the BIOS, but I am not responsible for CPU damage.

    Second of all, If you have a family PC you are most likely to not have changed the CPU cooler. Don't expect that little stock cooler to keep up with the temps of overclocked K-CPU let alone an overclocked Non-K cpu.

    Don't experiment overclocking with locked CPU's.
    Kind Regards,
  4. Dragon_toastr said:
    Hey man thanks for responding.. but how exactly do I do this. I am really sorry for bothering u about this

    OK, Here is a program that might help you.

    Kind Regards,
  5. Apparently, I cant access windows because every boot its permanently black. And I cant do anything about it :(
  6. Could you please specify the exact model of you motherboard and GPU?

    Kind Regards,
  7. Hey sorry for the late reply. Here are my specs
    Motherboard: P5KPL-AM EPU(really old model because this came in with the pc and I had this since like 2010)
    GPU:GT 730(I changed my gpu like 1-2 years ago
  8. One more question, what is your CPU? I need this to know if your CPU has integrated graphics to we can underclock from there.
  9. Well I have an Intel pentium E5400
  10. The_Computerist said:
    I am sorry to say this, but you may have to contact support you bought the PC from so they can give a repair. Since the CPU has no integrated graphics there is no way but to replace the gpu or buy a cheaper one.
    Here is a recommended cheap GPU:

    Kind Regards,

    Thanks for the help anyways:)
  11. Well I fixed it somehow by juat going into safe mode and disabling my gpu but the problem now is I have to stick to a disabled gpu how do I fix this now?
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