What CPU Air Cooler Should I Buy?

I recently chose to move my PC from a loud case made by Azza (I had bought a pre-built computer from CyberPower in 2012) to the Corsair 600Q. I have moved all the important parts into the new case, but when I went to install the cpu cooler I noticed that the screw area's were completely mangled. So it seems necessary that I buy a new one for the computer.
The specs:
I7 3820
P9X79 LE LGA 2011 Intel (All ram slots are in use)
980 FTW Gaming ACX 2.0

I had been thinking about buying one, but was unsure regarding the sizes and specifications regarding what would and wouldn't work with the build.
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    The NH-U14S is one of the best price/performance coolers if you care about both thermal and acoustic performance. If that's out of your price range, the NH-U12S is also good, as is the Shadow Rock Slim.
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