Can I use my old ssd with windows 10 on it and boot it up on my newly built pc?

I have a gaming computer that is a few years old and I'm planning to buy new parts and use some of the old parts like one of the graphic cards to run my second monitor. Anyway I want to know after everything is built and I am in the process of booting it up can I put my old Samsung ssd that was in my old computer that has windows 10 on it and boot it up on my new pc without having to buy a new copy.
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  1. What windows originally 7 , 8 , 10?
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    Operation and Licensing

    Be prepared for the very likely even that it simply will not boot up with the new hardware.
    It might, it might not.
    If it does not....a new install is required.
    But a clean install is always recommended.

    Read and do this before you change any hardware:
  3. You will more than likely have issues using an OS from another build. Best is to do a clean install and that way all drivers will match.
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