What can I swap out and add when I remove the optical drive from a Dell Optiplex 745 (Desktop version)?

I have a Dell Optiplex 745 DT that I've upgraded. But, Im wondering if I can swap the optical drive and put something else there like a fan or another HDD or anything else.
Core 2 Quad Q6700
GTX 750 TI (low profile)

also i need a new aftermarket heatsink, could anyone link a heatsink (only Amazon) and is there an ATX PSU that can fit and work with the Dell Optiplex. I saw a thread that said that someone was able to put an ATX PSU in it.

Thanks in advance
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    Since you have the desktop style case, you have a problem. Only a Dell PSU will work due to the size of the PSU used in this case design.

    Confirmation can be found here:

    You may also run into a problem trying to mount a non-Dell PSU. The heatsink design used by Dell with these older systems uses a non-standard fastener layout so you can't typically mount a standard heatsink to the motherboard (the holes won't line up).

    Honestly, you need to consider saving your money and building a standard rig.
  2. From a PM, the OP indicated that the system will be operated with the case cover off (assuming to accommodate a standard PSU).

    Doing this is not recommended for safety reasons.

    The stock PSU should be fine with the 750ti, so no PSU upgrade is needed.
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