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I am doing a custom loop for my next build and was having trouble on picking a case. I really like how the SMA8 looked but even though I don't really have a budget, $700 is just to much for a case. I looked at other cases and found the 900D which looked fairly similar in looks and performance, but from the pictures the window looks really tinted. Is there a case that looks like these two or is the 900D not that tinted?
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  1. I just recently brought a thermaltake view 31, love it, loads of watercooling options, it's the only mid tower case I've seen that can support 2 x 360mm radiators and fans, they really did have watercooling in mind when they designed this case.
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    MountainMods makes exceptional liquid cooling cases, but at higher cost than most. However, they are purpose built for watercooling radiators and pumps to be integrated in the build.
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