Unstable GPU Clock

Hello,recently(a week ago) i bought Gigabyte RX460 4GB as i made complete brand new pc..i installed windows+latest Crimson drivers for Rx 400 series(its the correct driver)and when i downloaded msi afterburner just to have it on my desktop i accidentaly opened it and notice Core clock of my card without having anything open Itself i saw core clock of car ng from 200 to 900 and back down and again up etc card is Overclocked from Gigabyte i bought her like that and i am really stressed of what is going it fine to do that? Is it normal? Pc specs Amd Fx-6300
Gigabyte RX460 4GB OC
Corsair 8GB 1600mhz
Sandisk Ultra 240GB
Corsair 550W
Corsair 100R
Win10 64bit Original
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    Usually the card underclocks itself when just doing windows stuff. But when you open 3d applications, like games, or renderstuff, it runs at it's normal (high) clock speed. This is called throttling and is very normal for most gpu's.
    However, it shouldn't be that erratic.
    What were you doing at the exact moment? Do you remember?
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