PTnuke and nickel plated waterblocks

Hi, I've just finished my first rigid tube loop and reused parts from my soft tube build where i used premixed. I am going to be using nickel plated gpu and cpu blocks from the soft tube build and from reading around i have seen the ekwb nickel problem and i was wondering if it was just ek blocks or copper sulphate corrodes all nickel plated blocks. Could anyone clear this up for me as i have yet to come across a clear answer if copper sulphate cannot be run in a loop with nickel blocks.

The only other metals in the build are copper and brass and i have flushed all rads so i hope for no tin solder.
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    I would be careful, supposedly EK cleared up their plating long ago, but I know they are picky about warranty on blocks that do not use their EK approved coolant. I personally have used 2 EK nickel plated GPU blocks, but I only use distilled water and anti-algae in mine. I also flush my loop at least once a year so there isn't much of an issue to begin with. I don't think you will have any problems, but just be aware of using a copper sulfate/sulfide as to your warranty limitations.
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