Monitor goes black after some games

Durring long gaming sessions my monitor will go black but my game keeps going and I can still talk to my friends on discord. Any thoughts? Im thinking gpu issue. Now when i reboot there is simply a white line on my second monitor.
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    I'd bet the farm its the PSU.

    Happens time and time again.

    Event viewer probably has like a "ATI Driver has stopped responding" type of message. Unless you power down before it recovers.

    Almost always the PSU, without even seeing your system specs - its that common.

    Seriously though lets see the system specs. :)
  2. DanielThomas said:
    Hello everyone! I agree with you greens but overheating is another reason for this.

    Disagree. Overheating what? Black screen instead of throttle? Why no thermal shutdown? Overheat is the least concern.
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