How to setup my case fans.


Ok, so I have the nzxt s340 elite case and I have two Be quiet 120mm fans and two Be quiet 140mm fans and a Hyper 212 evo with a noctua fan.

My question for getting the best airflow/cooling and minimal dust in the case is: do I put the two 140mm fans in the front as intake and one 120mm in the back and one 120mm on top as exhaust? Or wil it give 'to much' positive air pressure in the case?

Or do I put a 120mm and a 140mm in the front for intake and a 120mm and 140mm in the back and top for exhaust so that the pressure in the case is more even.

All 4 fans will be connected to the mobo.

Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Your setup is correct. Front intake, top and reat as exhaust. Either way you will not see much difference between these two scenarios. You should install nevertheless fan filters on the intake fans to keep the dust off your chassis.
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    I'd put the 140mm fans in front to get more air in
    The 120mm don't have so much airflow but higher pressure, ideal to press the hot air out of your case
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  3. Thanks!
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