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I have an old windows vista desktop and the vga port broke off, is there a usb to vga female adapter that will wotk for me? Please help
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  1. sure thing, though for the price your propably better off to get a new video card.
    one question though the vga port is it from the motherboard area ? or the additional video card?
    tell me on the pictures which one is broken ?



    in any case if b I suggest changing the video card...
    in case of A I could suggest somthing like this device: USB 3.0 to VGA Adapter - External Video Card

    but like I said for the price you can probably replace the video problem with another video card that would work much better than a usb-> vga device would.

    for 87$-95$ you can get a GTX 750 TI or a RX 460
  2. I think its definitely off the motherboard
  3. Can a usb to vga female adapter work for me?
  4. did you not look into the link I provided above ? would it work on your computer, probably so, it was designed to do what your expecting it to do, but I surely think the performance of such a device will be limited for "son the wall presentation" more than gaming experience.

    my vote remains with a new video card into computer PCIE slot.
  5. 90 dollar * adapter that will "probably work"
    Wow thanks for the help

    <Language and attitude check, please>
  6. wow, really? do you think I own every piece of hardware in this world, you answer is rather offensive..
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