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Hello, basically my old SSD I use to have as a BOOT drive failed on me. I then formatted THAT SSD and re-installed windows onto my new 512gb m.2 SSD. ( ). Intel storage utility AUTOMATICALLY keeps "ejecting" my broken SSD which is EMPTY, but when I go to boot my computer DOES NOT detect my OS being on my new m.2 SSD.

My old Broken SSD is ejected and EMPTY, yet I CAN ONLY boot it from that SSD, which I do not understand. I try to manually boot it from the m.2 500gb SSD which DOES has my Windows 10 install on but it says to "insert windows disc" as if it was not installed on it. I am not sure why this is.

Why does my computer make me keep rebooting from an EMPTY, formated DEAD SSD and NOT detect and AUTOMATICALLY boot from the Actually m.2 ssd that has my Windows 10 OS.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Can you list your computer specs including models of SSD's
  2. Try setting the boot priority to the new m.2 SSD manually from the BIOS.
  3. This my exact setup. The Kingston HyperX 3k 120gb is the broken SSD.
  4. Did you clone or reinstall Windows?
    I am wondering if Windows put some boot files on the old SSD? (it can happen)
  5. I formated the old SSD, then re-installed windows from an ISO. The old SSD isnt even "connected" atm as it keeps getting ejected by the SMART system and it is completely empty.
  6. Can you start you system if you physically remove the SSD?
  7. I am no expert on windows 10, but I think that If you are using secure boot, it will want to boot only from the device windows was originally installed on.
    In the bios, try disabling secure boot.
  8. Also like the imgur picture I linked says, the disk 2 (500gb SSD with windows 10 on it) says its the bot, page file ,active and primary partition).
  9. I went into the Bios and secure boot is currently greyed out and I'm not sure how to disable it atm. Also, I assume if i disconect I wont be able to boot. I already have to restart my computer 2 times so it RE-DETECTS my broken ssd. When I first reboot it's still "ejected".
  10. That is what my old setup looks like with thebroken ssd on before it gets ejected. I want Disk 2 as boot drive (which it is and it has w10 instlaled on it). Disk 1 is the broken SSD that keeps getting ejected.
  11. The issue is your system partition is on the 120GB SSD. You will need to disconnect it and put in the Windows disk and tell it to repair your system, but you may need to reinstall.
  12. Anyway to do it without my w10 disk? I either didn't get one when I made my computer ( it was made by a company) or I either lost it. Either way I can't find it and wondered if I can disconnect my SSD and fix my system partition any other way? Thanks.
  13. You managed to reinstall how do you not have the disk or flash drive?
  14. I used an ISO of w10. I did it in a weird way I guess.
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