My xbox 360 controller won't connect to my Pc wireless adapter

I bought my xbox 360 wirless controller and I followed all the steps from the other articles about this matter but it doesn't seem to work. I have the drivers installed and my PC recognizes my adapter but my controler wont connect to it. I made a video about it: .
Please help.

By the way, i use win 10.

Thanks for the answers and your help, i will look at them all in the future but right now i have a lot of stress for school so i will look at your answers but not right now. Thank you all very much.
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  1. Which adapter did you buy?
  2. Carnaxus said:
    Which adapter did you buy?

    Here's a link, it is in Dutch though and I don't know if there is a English version of this site:
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    Hmm. That one seems similar to the one I got:
    Have you tried a different USB (or all) port(s)?

    Check Device Manager for a usb with a yellow triangle, right click it and click "Update Driver Software...". After that, click "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer". Then chose the Xbox 360 option.
  4. If my previous suggestion didn't work, try this: - get the one for Windows 7, download and install, then repeat the Device Manager step.
  5. I was worried that you'd picked up the XBOne version, but it looks like you did get the 360 one. If none of MeesterYellow's suggestions work, I'd return the one you got and buy a Microsoft one.
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