Strange SD Card file system error

I have 15GB of music in a variety of file formats saved on an external hard drive and decided to put it on my laptop. I didn't have enough space on my hard drive so I copied it to an SD card that is in the laptop. When I try to play the music from this SD card, all the music plays fine up until the letter M. Everything from Mozart's Requiem onwards, alphabetically speaking will not play. I ran Checkdisk on the SD card and it found a bunch of file system errors and gives me the error code 0x80070570. It puts all the files with errors in a new folder and the music files and folders that had those errors are now empty. However, as I say, this only applies to the music from Mozart's Requiem on. The music from A up until Mozart plays fine and Checkdisk does not move it.

I thought maybe I had a badly formatted SD card so I have tried these things and they have not helped:

1. I formatted the SD card, recopied the whole folder and tried again. I did this several times, formatting sometimes NTFS and sometimes Exfat. Nothing helped. Same problem every time.
2. I replaced the SD card and tried again. Recopied all the music directory to the new SD card. Same problem. Tried again with a third SD card. Same problem.

When I play the music from the external hard drive it all plays fine. I have checked that it is not just one file format that this is happening with: It happens to MP3s, AACs, WMAs - all of them.

I'm baffled. I really don't want to have to rip all those CDs again. It took forever. And another thing, now I think about it, I ripped them at different times over years, some with Windows Media Player, some with Itunes.

Any ideas?
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  1. Does your laptop support the size (capacity) of the SD card? Can you just copy 1 file beyond M to a newly formatted SD card and see if that works? Or maybe try 1 mp3, aac and wma beyond M.
  2. Hi

    Format the sd card
    Then test with h2testw
    It fills the disk with 1GB files with known checksum
    When the disk is full it Then reads the files back again and re calculates the checksum

    Chkdsk and format cant detect fake capacity sd memory or usb memory devices

    The above scam is unlikely if all 3 sd cards of different brands and suppliers

    Fat32 cant deal with very large files found in long or high resolution videos, ( over 4 GB) (use ntfs or v fat)

    Xp may not recognise Vfat format

    What brand are the sd cards
    What capacity
    What operating systems

    I should have said ex fat not V fat format
    ex fat found on large sd cards

    Mike Barnes
  3. To MJSLakeridge: What do you mean when you say "a file beyond M"? What is M?

    To mabernes86: The OS is Win 7. The SD cards are different manufacturers of differing capacites, 16GB, 32B+GB abd 124GB. I used exfat and NTFS not Fat32 to format them.

    I will test with h2testw. Can you tell me where I can get it?
  4. What I meant was rather than trying to copy the entire music library at once, try to copy a few files that didn't get copied correctly earlier. You said the files up to Mozart worked fine. So copy one starting with N (Nirvana), or O (Oak Ridge Boys), or whatever artists you have. (maybe your library is organized by CD title rather than artist, but just try to copy a few files that weren't successful before).
  5. Ah, I see. What you mean. Sorry, I should have mentioned that earlier. I tried that last night. I picked a few individual pieces of music that began with letters after M alphabetically and tried to copy them and then play them. Same deal. They appeared to copy just fine, but would not play and running Checkdisk had the same effect - an error was reported and the "unknown" file was saved in a new folder. And just to be sure, I did play the files before copying them so I know they work fine when played directly from the external hard drive.

    I did not use expensive SD cards and I know many lower cost SD cards are faulty, but to have the same problem with three separate SD cards (one of which was brand new) and only on the music that comes after this particular album alphabetically makes me think this is a file error rather than a problem with the SD card.
  6. Sounds like it may be something with the file system. What happens if you try to copy one of the cd files that were not successful directly from the external HDD to your laptop's internal HDD. If that does not work either, it would rule out the SD card(s) as being the problem.

    On a side note, you should not let a HDD get too full, or performance of the drive will suffer (slow read/write times as it looks for free sectors to write to, or having to read from non-adjacent sectors). But that is not your immediate problem.
  7. Just tried that with some that begin with A, B etc and some that begin with S,T etc. All play fine when played from the C drive of my computer.

    And I do try to keep some space on my hard drive.
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    The only thing I could suggest is to look at the metadata (properties) on a cd file that copied to the SD card vs. ones that didn't. Perhaps there is something different, but that is a long shot since A-M worked and N-Z didn't.
  9. 15GB
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