Overclocking a Celeron G1820?

So, I wanted to overclock the Intel Celeron G1820 and have a few questions before starting out.
The CPU is on an ASUS H81M-K board.
1.What is the easiest and safest way to do so?
2.Would a small boost be harmful to the CPU?(if yes, how much?)
3.(not about the same thing, but if you know the answer please do)Is there any way to increase the cache size of the CPU except for buying a completely new one?
Thanks in advance.
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    Very few non 'Z' chipset boards allow OCing in any way. I don't believe the H81M-K is one of them.

    Therefore, you can't OC.

    No, you cannot increase cache size.
  2. Hi, +1 barty1884

    When you buy a celeron , you buy a cripple version of another cpu.
    usually way less cache and features.
    Even overclock you would not get much out of it.
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