Motherboard problem help!

Hello everyone i had my pc build but when i pressed the button a red light showed up called OVP.Ok after that i got my PC build by a professional he had done wire management and put the front panel wires and the PSU cables.Same problem.After that he told me the motherboard is burnt.Ok i have returned my motherboard and they didnt't want to change it.After that i have prayed to my parents to get an ASRock H170 Pro4S.
Is there any chance that my CPU OR GPU to be dead.
I have a i5 6600k 6th gen
GTX 1070 G1 Gaming
If they are dead i am dead to.The pc cost a lot if you can help me i really apreciate that.Thank you!(SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH)
The mother board is on her way to me.I have one day left to find out.Otherwise i am dead.
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  1. Hi, When getting the board, try testing it outside the case, only CPU, CPU fan and single RAM module installed, both 24 and 8 pin power cables connected. See if getting any signal on the monitor.
  2. what is the motherboard you are currently using?

    I believe the OVP part of OVP.OK means Over Voltage Protection. once we know the motherboard you currently have we will be able to look it up in more detail.

    Do you currently have a case speaker hooked up? this gives the P.O.S.T beeps for trouble shooting. If so what beep codes do you get? If not I recommend getting one as they are really cheap, under $5 USD.
  3. I have used MSI B150M a cheap motherboard but i am scared that the other components have burn.
  4. And yes when the pc was build i had everything connected.The speaker was connected too
  5. Exactly which MSI B150M motherboard is it? MSI made a few of the B150M boards.

    Example: Mortar, Gaming Pro, Grenade, Bazooka, Pro- VD ect.
  6. The gaming pro one, sorry for late response.
  7. OK I do not see any led on the motherboard that is labeled OVP.OK. I do, however, see a CPU, Dram, and GPU led on the board. Where is this led located that you are seeing? It is not on the PSU is it? There are 3 on the upper right hand side of the motherboard above the 24 pin connector which are the ones I mentioned.
  8. The led is around the USB 3.0 and the motherboard 24 pin connector and is very small.
  9. I just want to know if the other components are done.Please
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    There is a method to this madness you are experiencing. Here is the reason why I was asking about the LED:
    Onboard overcurrent protection prevents overcurrent and short-circuit damage of the CPU and other components. A red LED near the 24 pin CPU power connector let's you know that overcurrent protection is activated for easier troubleshooting.

    This means that either the PSU is bad or the motherboard is bad/ or both.
  11. Thank you very much.God bless i found someone to explain it to me.The psu is not bad is a 750w 80+ gold.The bad thing is that the site doesn't accept my return but it's not that expensive.Now i am geting ATX motherboard.Thank you very much again.
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