I can't access my external hard drive

I have a Seagate 1tb external hard drive that ive been using to backup my PC for a while.
I connected it today and it worked fine. Suddenly the computer stopped recognizing it and now its really weird:
when I connect it to my computer it recognizes it as a hard drive and callss it "local disc F" instead of the name it hade "Slim BUP" or whatever, and theworst part: I can't open it and access all my files :(

please help me!
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    First remember that anything you do may cause loss of (or further loss of) data.

    USB connection? Try another USB port. Try another USB cable.

    Power supply - may no longer be up to the task of providing the necessary power to the drive.

    Can you try the drive on another computer?

    You could could download and run the Seagate Drive Utility. May find some problem but again there is some risk.

    In the meantime find another drive to use for your backups. Backup and test. Could be that your backup software caused a corruption problem on the Seagate.
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