New 1060 PSU 6pin problem

Hey guys I just bought a new msi 1060 armor cuz my old 550TI went down, it used to use 6pin connector and I have a akyga basic 600W PSU would it be OK for me to use a 6-8 pin adapter for it ?
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  1. If this is the nameplate on your PSU, it is too small to safely run the 1060 6GB. You may possibly be able to use the PSU temporarily if you want, until you get the new one. But refrain for running anything that stresses the GPU.
  2. Wow - a 300w PSU with a 600w label! Nice :-/
  3. that psu is used to that electricity pattern of the 550ti, if you want to go put some popcorn into your case.
  4. clutchc When I saw the link that you posted, I initially assumed that it was an internet joke: 300 watts shared between the 3.3 and 5 volt rails and only 312 watts allocated to the 12 volt rail.

    450 watt: Unboxing Power Supply akyga AK-B1-450 is blacklisted power supply you buy it at your own risk

    Akyga 600W

    Gruby121 If those outrageous specs are true, then replace that power supply immediately! Do not run your system on that excuse for a power supply. Those specifications are horrifying. Please provide us with the model number, as well as your full computer specs. Also, provide us to a link to an online store where you would purchase a power supply from. I personally would never even consider running that power supply in my system.
  5. http:// this is my one pretty much the same thing I it was running fine for the last 4 years ill gather up on the specs what I can and I'll keep you updated
  6. I would not recommend using that PSU shaped object to power a 1060 especially if it will require an adapter. You are fairly lucky it has managed to power a 550Ti without failing.
  7. On second thought, don't waste time gathering your specs. Please supply a website link to an online store. And please don't continue using the Akyga. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it's one of the scariest PSUs that I've ever seen at the 600 watt level. The website claims better than 70% efficiency, although no temperature is given, so even that figure is useless.

    Official specs: Power Supply ATX AK-B1-600 600W
  8. that 300w should be 100 xD
  9. Its a damn fine unit if you're not using a GPU but need to run 60 USB flash drives or charge 30 mobile phones simultaneously. ;-)
  10. I don't mean to troll with pictures, but this thread has just fascinated me. The PSU only has a single 6+2 cable; the rest are molex and sata of course. Also notice that the specs listed on the label that our fellow community member Gruby linked has moderately different figures than the one that I provided. Which leads me to believe that the company has downgraded the wattage further, since his was originally manufactured. It's fascinating.

  11. http://
    Sorry for the time taken I'm on my slow ass phone was don't want to go over 130E as I'm kinda tight on cash at the moment since I just bought the pcu
  12. Gruby121 - your unit is actually ever so slightly better than the one clutchc found - its closer to a 350w than a 300w - that's if you can actually believe anything on the label.

    You've run that 4 years ?? Id consider yourself very very lucky !

    Easily the cheapest good quality unit on there.
  14. Lol ;-) beaten again
  15. Gruby121 Any change you could provide a 3rd site? Both seem to offer PSUs at two extreme sides of the spectrum: Very good or very bad. The cheapest quality power supply that I saw between the two sites was the one I hyperlinked below. Maybe the others see something that I missed.

    EVGA GQ 650
  16. If u could check on the pcmaesteo site as I gotta a friend in there who could get me a discount x.x
  17. I stand corrected. Good, because I didn't want to send you to the poor house over a PSU. Thanks guys.
  18. Edited the post with the sites, third hyperlink is the one
  19. Gruby121 said:
    If u could check on the pcmaesteo site as I gotta a friend in there who could get me a discount x.x

    Any of the 450w and larger SuperFlower Golden Greens would be a good option
  20. Stick with the cxm - its a better unit than the golden green 450 .
  21. http:// was thinking about this one as it fits the parameters of my med-tower
  22. If you really want to spend that much its a good PSU.

    You really don't need 650w though mate.
  23. €7 less expensive than the golden green. I'm not sure of the shipping cost difference between custompcparts and pcmaestro. I suppose it all depends on how big a discount your friend can get you.

    Seasonic S12II 520
  24. I'd say about 10-20e discount with no delivery cost
  25. Then send your friend a message tonight, since it's late in your time zone or contact him tomorrow morning. Tell him your predicament and see what he can do for you. You can even forward him this message thread, if he has time to browse it. Most power supplies would be an upgrade over what you have. Ask him for a few model recommendations along with the prices he can hook you up with. If you still need more input then update this thread, and we'll chime in.
  26. I'll be in contact with y'all tomorrow that's anyway from stopping me making stupid decisions and frying my new GPU
  27. http://
    If anyone's here what would you say about this psu
  28. Its cheap , its mediocre quality , its a real 700w , it'll do the job.

    The cx450m & 550m are probably cheaper though ??
    & they're a lot better quality .
    How much is the 700b??
  29. In store 110Euro but I can get it for 80 with no delivery costs
  30. Best answer
    No then , its a €70 PSU at the most anyway.

    For that price go with the corsair cxm 550 from komplett

    Or the golden green 550

    They're both huge amounts better.
  31. Okay thanks, and thank you for all the advices on what not to screw up all along
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