My hard drive is becoming louder every day and it sounds like this

I have a Hitachi 1TB 7200RPM model hds721010cla332 and it is sounding like this , i dont know if it's bad because a hard drive has never failed me for now , does this mean that its close to death?
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    Install this run it, see what it tells you about the drive.
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  2. wrap it in sound proofing and wait until it dies off .... (joke)

    get a new drive clone it before it fails on you, probably a bearing issue
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  3. hard drives usually last around 5 years. the first sign of near death is it starts getting louder. the 2nd is 'clicking' followed by lag. you should buy a new drive and backup.

    if it 'clicks' during copying, it failed and you should redo the task. id suggest copying at most 1GB at a time and lookout for clicks.
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