Cloned HDD to SSD (Windows 10) cannot boot with formatted HDD attached (Old boot option shows up and prioritizes)

I recently cloned my old HDD to a new SSD for my laptop. Even after formatting old HDD it still shows as a '0' boot option in BIOS when connected. I can delete the boot option and start up with no issues; however after restarting it shows back up and prevents startup until I go into BIOS and delete again.
Is there a file on the cloned SSD that I need to delete? Or a startup option I need to turn on to only boot from the SSD?
Computer is an Asus G752 with PCIE connection for my M.2 SSD. With the HDD detached it never shows in the BIOS as a boot option.
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    In the BIOS you can move the SSD to be checked first as a boot drive.
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