Overclocking 1600MHZ RAM

Hello there everyone,

I was hoping for some advice from the community on the subject of overclocking my Crucial Ballistix Sport 16 GB RAM. The RAM is at 1600MHZ presently. However, I would like to increase that to 2133MHZ.

In relation to this, I have the following questions and would be grateful for advice:

1. Would overclocking the RAM help improve gaming performance, when using an i7-4790k (4.56GHZ) / GTX 1080?

2. What sort of voltage would be advisable?

Many thanks for any help.

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    It would be dependent on the type of game for fps gained. Your RAM is not rated at 2133Mhz so it's all down to luck if it's going to get there or not. Just look up some 2133Mhz RAM and check their voltage and timing and give it a try, increase voltage bit by bit if it's unstable or loosen timing. Most likely you wont be able to get it.
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