No games working at all on PC

Suddenly today all of my games on my pc have just stopped working completely, whenever I open them they just freeze instantly and get 80000ms response, they also seem to be difficult to close afterwards.

My pc is very new and is about just over a week old, this is not a problem with steam as it happens to games outside of steam too. I have already updated my graphics drivers to the most recent ones, and I have already used ccleaner, neither of these have fixed the issue, I have also tried restarting the pc to no effect.

All these games have worked completely fine previously and I know I can run them so it's not a problem with the games being too hard to run. An ideas on how to fix this?
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  1. System specs?
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  2. NDDU Julius BSIT said:
    System specs?

    ryzen 5 1600
    amd radeon rx 580 8gb sapphire nitro plus
    8gb hyperX fury black DDR4-2133hz
    3tb seagate hdd
    asus prime x370
    EVGA 600w 80+ certified ATX power supply

    sorry for taking so long on answering >~<
    We tried to fix it by getting a new gpu which took a long time then it seems to still have the same problem. So we came back to this.
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  3. Is your PSU a Supernova G2?
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