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I was cleaning up my case and I realized if I remove the bracket that holds my HDD a lot more air flow will probably get in through my front intake 200mm fan. It is okay if my HDD just sits inside the bottom of my case?
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  1. No, it will vibrate and move about to some extent if you don't secure it somehow. Cable ties, tape, etc can be used to minimize the likelihood of such problems.

    Of course, the case was designed (most likely) with air flow in mind, so the proper mounts should be fine.
  2. HDDs have built-in thermostats. Use a hardware monitoring program like HWInfo or HWMonitor to check its temps. Roughly:

    30-40 C is ideal
    25-30, 40-50 C is acceptable

    HDDs don't need a lot of airflow to remain cool, so even with the obstruction it may be enough. The temps will tell you.
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    It can work that way, though finding a way to secure it is preferable. As noted above the case was designed and tested by engineers who took into account the flow around drives in those slots. I wouldn't worry about it if you aren't having any particular problems in the default configuration. A drive rattling around could increase the odds of some problems. Even a cable that comes loose at a bad time can leave Windows corrupt and unable to start, which would ruin a day as you fix that issue.
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