Cpu overclock vs ram rated speed? XMP?

Is it possible to overclock my cpu to the best it can be while also getting my ram to deliver what its rated? or do i have to choose?

For example, if my 1600 has a max stable oc of 4ghz and my ram is rated for 3200, will i have to settle for an oc of 3.8ghz in order to get the 3200 rated ram speed?

Maybe I am just very confused...but i dont want to tinker with things before understanding how it works. Thanks!
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    I found on intel skylake / haswell that setting ram to the max xmp speed setting seemed to reduce my stable oc multiplier by one.
    No doubt some expert can do better, but I had no need to really pursue it.
    My theory is that the power available to oc the cpu gets reduced a bit because of the higher voltage needed to oc the ram controller to xmp settings.

    For the most part, faster ram does not result in much improved performance on intel processors.

    I do not know how this applies to ryzen, where I think ram is more tightly connected
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  2. Hi Drakonath :)

    The AM4 platform is still undergoing Bios micro-coding development atm and new Bios versions are being released addressing new DDR4 RAM as they come onto the market.

    It's best to choose RAM kits that have been tested and listed on the the MB QVL. You will also have to update to the latest Bios revision. That way you have a better chance of compliance without having to Tweak your Timings and Voltages. Depending on the CPU will determine the OC you can achieve and the Ryzen "X" versions OC better.
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