EZ debud LED?

I'm building a fresh PC with the motherboard B150M PRO-VD and the EZ debug LED keeps turning on for about 2 seconds after i try to turn it on, nothing displays on my monitor either.

I tried taking out a ram stick and using only one as a friend suggested but the same thing happens, I can't use the onboard GPU either since the motherboard doesn't have an HDMI.

Full specs if necessary:

Pentium G4560
8gb ddr4 (2x4 2133mhz sticks)
Nvidia gtx 1060 3gb
120gb SSD
450 watt PSU

The model number for the PSU is "RD 450-2SB"
I feel like it has to do something with the power supply because i've spent hours redoing the plugs and re installing the RAM, CPU, and GPU.

Thank you anyone if you can help!
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  1. The board might need a BIOS update for supporting the Kaby.
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