Can't connect xbox one controller to wireless adapter in Windows 7. Only xbox one s controller connects

Hi guys,

I have an Xbox One S controller (white), and 2 Xbox One controllers (black).

I have the xbox one wireless adapter and I'm using Windows 7 64bit.

After a lot of playing around I have managed to get wireless pairing working between the adapter and the xbox one s controller, however, the xbox one controllers refuse to pair. Even if I just try to connect a single xbox one controller on it's own, it just won't do it. The white controller though pairs easily every time.

- I have latest firmware on all xbox controllers
- All latest windows updates are installed
- All controllers work when connected via usb cable
- Using latest windows drivers for the controllers

I can obviously play using cables, but the whole point of getting the wireless adapter is to use multiple controllers wirelessly. So I'm pretty confused why it won't do would it should do.

One thing came up while setting up the controllers which was an 'unsigned driver' message, Windows says it couldn't install a driver due to it being unsigned. Even though it was from microsoft. Something like xinput, or some driver like that. But everything works when connected to cable and it's never come up since, so doublt that's the cause. But just thought i'd give as much info as possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Go into device manager, find the wireless adapter, and tell Windows to update the driver. If it comes back saying it's an unsigned driver, click on the message and it should let you override it. Hopefully that'll fix it.
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