Random resets and high auto voltage on ryzen

Ryzen 1700x stock
Noctua nh d-15
3000 corsair lpx 16gb
gigabyte ab350 gaming 3 with f6 bios
evga supernova 750 g2
r9 270
windows 10 home
all basic drivers installed and up to date

Hello and thank you for reading, so a little over a month ago i got ryzen and for the most part all has gone okay but today my pc reset sort of.

It was on with the fans at max and no video at all and when i restarted it then power cycled and could not reach windows until it asked me to repair windows.

I did the windows repair and reinstalled the basics ( video drivers and chipset and samsung magician and as i was installing chrome and flash it restarted and has constantly reset from then on.

The other main issue is the vcore keeps jumping from 1.28 to 1.48 to 1.5 and while the temps never exceed 71c (51c with the offset) it really worries me and i don't know a lot about overclocking and when i tried to set the voltage locked at 1.35 in ryzen master it seems to have no effect.

I have cleared the cmos and tried the memory stock and with xmp with no change and i have cleaned the inside completely, i was considering downgrading the bios f6 to f4 to see if that would help anything and will try swapping the memory,

i do not have an extra power supply, video card so i can't really try to see if it will help and any help you can supply would be very welcome thank you

if you need any other information i will happily provide

edit:it worked for more light stuff for a few hours then the black screen crash happened again when i tried a game and not sure sure if it will help but when it is in that state all video is gone and the screens seem to keep searching for inputs
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  1. So now i cannot get my pc to do anything more then turn on and now my video card has a red light and if i remember that means it's not getting enough power and i tried both pci slots as well.

    I put the video card in my old pc and it seemed to work okay so does that mean its either my power supply or motherboard?

    Please someone help me i'm kinda losing it here, thanks
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