over current status detected! AMD phenom Motherboard usb short/ boot problems.

So i like to collect old PC parts and put them together and i am new to Toms Hardware so i thought i would post here to see if anyone here could help. I got a hold of a AMD Phenom X4 9850 2.5 GHz Quad-Core and an M2N68-AM PLUS motherboard. CPU was used and Motherboard was completely new.
Asus states on there website that the cpu is compatible with this particular motherboard
After 2 successfull boots which included installing windows 10 successfully. i am greeted with this lovey screen.
I installed them with a tested working PSU and an aftermarket case that was working flawlessly with some even older parts installed. (yes some people like running old hardware.) and ram was pulled out of a machine i have used for years.
thinking that the front panel usb was the problem I removed all connectors to the motherboard and tried to reboot. Same thing. I then unplug all usb devices from the back and plug in a keyboard with ps2 and try to hit all the buttons like my life depends on it. same result. I then pull the whole thing from the case and try to boot it stand alone. same result. Also tried resting the CMOS. I just dont understand why it booted the first couple of times. the processor is clearly compatible. I feel like i'm missing something simple here.

any ideas? Thanks

PS: the graphics card i am using for this particular system is a GT 610 dont know if that could change anything.
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  1. What is the motherboard Printed Circuit Board version? It is printed on the motherboard
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    Look at my last message about USB over current issue: look at motherboard manual for USB power pins - you may solve this by installing the jumper into correct position. Of no jumper is present on motherboard, you need to get one.
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