Playing high end games on a crt monitor

I want to upgrade my cpu but not my monitor.
I have samsung syncmaster 794 mg.
Will i be able to play high graphics games with my old monitor.?
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  1. It is a 1024x768 resolution 17 inch monitor that only has a VGA port. A new generation graphics card won't have a VGA compatible port. You will have to buy an adapter. Your CPU will be the limiting factor in most cases so a CPU upgrade might improve your experience.
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    You can play on the max settings forever @ 1024x768 lol. But like Kanewolf said these new cards don't have DVI-D ports so you can't use VGA. You would need to buy an adapter. They are only $15 max on amazon.

    Unless you are using a P4 still, I don't how the CPU could hold you back at such a low resolution.
  3. What is P4?
    Will all games run at 1024x768 res.
    Like, i saw far cry 4 doesn't allow you to play at that resolution.
  4. CRTs actually were better they just cant match the rez new monitors could, but image quality was excelent
  5. P4 = Pentium 4
  6. I see no one answred yet, yes OP you can just use a VGA adapter. Wont do 1080p, but if you dont mind hey, enjoy
  7. thnx
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