CS:GO "Invalid Client Cookie" Issue

Hi, all.
Recently I installed a new AMD Radeon Crimson driver with ReLive, and along with it Raptr and Plays.tv.

Since then, I've not been able to play a match of CS:GO without extreme ping spikes (up to 600 ping), rubber banding, and being stuck in place until getting timed out.

This problem happens whenever I play on any matchmaking or community server. I will join, play for a minute or two, then I will rubber band and the command console will spam the message "Incorrect client cookie in NoSession from atl#42 (some IP Address). Could be spoofed, ignoring"

I've deduced that it's not a problem with my internet connection, as I can use the internet just fine. For example, I can stream Hulu and Youtube perfectly without interruptions at high quality.

I've also noticed that the problem only exists in CS:GO. I've tried playing other games like Modern Warfare 2 online and Rocket League and no problems have occurred.

I've tried using ipconfig /flushdns, adding Steam, SteamWebHelper, and CSGO to my antivirus's firewall exceptions, uninstalling and reinstalling CSGO, and verifying integrity of game files, but all to no avail.

Nothing I've done has helped me so far, I hope to get a solution soon because this problem has made CS:GO basically unplayable online.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Use DDU to uninstall the AMD driver and reinstall it. Uninstall Raptr and Plays.tv and see if the issue persists even after doing all that.
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