Is my power supply powerful enough?

So, I want to buy a GTX 1050 come May 29th. Here is my issue.

The GPU plugs in directly into the motherboard, and not the power supply. It uses around 300 Watts when under load. My question is, with these specs:
430 watt PSU
H81-M33 Motherboard,
8 gigs of HyperX ram,
a G3258 intel Pentium CPU
Hyper 212 evo cooler
1 TB Western Digital Hard Drive
Acer X233H Monitor
G105 Logitech Keyboard
Talon Gaming Mouse
G230 Logitech Headset

Will I have enough wattage left to use the 1050 to It's full potential? I'd like to know ahead of time, before I buy the 1050.
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  1. Where exactly are you getting this information from? 300w is horribly wrong.
    The 1050 (without any PCIe cables) can only draw the max wattage of the PCIe lane, which is 75w. It also only draws 75w under furmark, its even less for normal use:
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    I got the info from here. Unless I misread it, it says recommended is 300 watts :o
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  3. Oh. My. God. I am so dumb. i see it now, 75W usage.... >_< Dyslexia strikes again. Thank you very much Gam3r01.
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  4. You need less than 200W for your whole system, as long as the PSU is of decent quality with enough power on the 12V rail.
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    300w for the whole system. That allows them to provide a buffer for people who run low quality units that cant output their rated wattage.
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