R9 290 tri x drivers not working, freezes when I hook 2 screens up

Motherboard: dz77ga-70k
Video card:r9 290 tri x
Ram: corsair vengeance ddr3 8 gb
Ops:win 10
Processor: intel i5
Power supply: 600w

So I got a newer graphics card (old one is gtx 650) and when I installed it I pulled the old card out and did a windows reset to factory. Then I downloaded the software for it off of amd website. (Used there auto device detecting thing first) and the driver appeared to install correctly. Then when I try to run a benchmark it says compatible 3d driver not found. So I went and downloaded the direct x for win 10.
Still gives me the same thing. Also if I try to run overwatch it says compatible hardware not found. Checked to make sure that the driver was compatable with the game. It is Lastly when I plug two monitors into the card it freezes on boot, after bios befor password screen.

I have tried to move it to a different pci slots. Check the regestry. Installed the drivers for the card manually. Looked at device manager, says the right hardware is there. (R9 200 series)

So now I'm not really sure what else to do. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Needed bugger power supply
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