monitor turns off while playing csgo

While i was playing csgo at approximately 10 minutes into the game my monitor starts to automatically turn off while my pc is still running.I tried to turn the monitor on but it didnt seem to turn back on.Also when i checked my gpu temp it went up to 192c and slowly going down to 0c.
My specs
intel xeon w3550@ 3.07ghz
8gb ram
64 bit
nvdia quadro 4000 gpu
my montior is also a lg flatron w2442pa.
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    Why did you get this system? Its not made for gaming at all. Quaddro and xeon are non gaming stuff.

    Did you mess with your card ? 192c is really very hot and i don't think that it should reach there. Try the game without gpu and check cpu temps too and also try your gpu in other pc and check the temps.
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