Can i use 125w CPU on a 125w Mobo

I'm thinking to buy a FX 8350.My motherboard supports 125w Cpu's.
Will there be any VRM throttling?
Motherboard : ASUS M5A78L-M LX V2
My graphic card is GTX 1060 3GB.
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    Yes you can use.

    125 W is the Max TDP. So if a motherboard supports that, VRM throttling wont be an issue as it is clearly taken into account while power is fed into your CPU, as long as you run your CPU at default clock speeds. Just keep in mind, any overclocking is NOT advisable as in that case, the CPU will draw power in excess of 125 W and that might stress out or damage motherboard components. As long as you are at default clock speeds, no problems would occur.

    GPU is a non issue here. Just ensure you have a good PSU (80+ certified ones) of 500 Watts atleast and you will be good.
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  2. That motherboard is known to throttle 125w CPU's. You really want a reasonable 970 board at least.

    However buying an FX CPU and FM3+ motherboard in 2017 is a terrible idea unless buying very cheap second hand. The FX8350 is consistently beaten by the cheap G4560 which is a modern platform with great upgrade options.
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