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I have a Rampage V Edition 10 which has two USB 2.0 headers on the board. The motherboard comes with a front audio panel, and it connects to one of the USB 2.0 headers using 4 wires in a 10 pin plug. The Corsair 750D case comes with two USB 2.0 connections in the front of the case, also using 4 wires in a 10 pin plug. If I stopped there all is good, but I have a Corsair H110i and a Corsair AX1500i both of which also use a 10 pin plug with 4 wires in each, to utilize Corsair Link. I've read every post I can find, the motherboard descriptions, including the pin outs for each header. From Asus "2 x USB 2.0 connector(s) support(s) additional 4 USB 2.0 port(s)" but I am not installing 4 ports, but rather 2 ports, one audio device, and two Corsair Link devices. Is it all the same? If it fits it works?
I figure I can slide the pins out of one connector and slide them into the other and utilize all 8 pins (ignoring the key and the extra ground pin) in both headers, or use pins and connectors from a DuPont connector set to modify the header to allow me to connect with the 10 pin connectors as they are. (Just tested a Dupont 4 pin connector for fit and is perfect leading me to believe that the motherboard header the same connectors used by Arduino, meaning I could use jumpers or 90-degree pin adapters to accomplish this task.)
So the connections could be made but will they work? What does each 4 pins support? One of the 4 wires/ pins will be supporting two USB ports. Am I missing a chip that makes that possible? If everything is only sporting 4 wires is there some programming magic that causes the motherboard to use the other pins resources or all they separate entities entirely? Can someone please break this down so we can all stop searching for the magic splitter, or asking tech support engineering/ programming quesions?
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    Just use an usb internal expansion hub ...
  2. Suztera said:
    Just use an usb internal expansion hub ...

    The Velcro backing and the black plastic case on the new model made this a no brainier. Thanks. I didn't come across this item while searching for a solution. Unicorns do exist!
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