Pc black screens while gaming.

Hi, recently my computer began crashing, there are two kinds of crashes. Both of which only happens when gaming. ( I play Overwatch and heroes of the storm)

Scenario 1:
My screen goes black, but my music keeps playing in the background, and my keyboard command to change song still works. But the screen never goes back up, just keeps saying no signal. Forcing me to hard reboot.

Scenario 2:
Screen goes black, gpu fans goes to 100% speed, computer unresponsive, forcing me to hard reboot.

So, here's what I've tried.
•Removing all dust from the pc.
•upgrading bios
•disabling all but one sound devices in device manager(this worked on a previous kind of crash a year ago)
• uninstalling all video card drivers and reinstalling them.
• Setting the screen to never go in standby, just in case.
• Made sure that power cable from psu to gpu was intact and firmly in place.
* cleaned the Gpu from dust entirely.
• put new thermal paste on gpu.
• Used DDU to completely uninstall driver(again) and downloaded newest version.
• reseated both graphics card and ram in the mono.

Now, here's my rig.
Motherboard - Asus z87 sabertooth
Psu - coolermaster 720w m2 silent
Cpu I believe is the 3570k i5
Gpu - Asus gtx 780
16gb of 1600mhz ram

It is approx 2-3years old.

Temps on CPU when gaming 50-60 celsius max
Temps on gpu 75celsius max

Since both things seem to involve the gpu I assume the fault lies there, given that 720w should be plenty of power.
Please help:)
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Reset the monitor to factory settings?
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  2. I will try that, but I've never fiddled with the monitor settings except for telling it never to go black in the powermanager.
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    OP, you did a good job in terms of diagnosis. Temps seem fine, PSU seems fine, and you tried basically all you can... except GPU change. It is most likely the GPU. Best thing here would be to test that GPU in a different rig if you can (but make sure that this second rig has a good PSU for that 780).
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  4. Thank you, i Will try to put the gpu in another rig or put a different card in mine depending on what I can get. Thanks for the reply, I will post the results.
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  5. note down the time and check the event viewer ( win key + q and search for event viewer.) then search for a given crash. Might give you an indication of what is wrong... have you overclocked? if so remove the overclocks and check if that makes it more stable.
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  6. I have not overclocked, and the event viewer has no record of either type of crash unfortunately.
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