PC freezes with Ryzen 1800X and AsRock Taichi

Hi, guys.
I'm having some serious freezes with 1800X and AsRock X370 Taichi.

I purchased the mobo, the cpu and G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB DDR4 (CL16 18-18-38).
When putting everything together, I noticed that the bios sees the two ram modules, but says Single Channel. And the computer would freeze a second after it starts booting from the usb stick to install the Windows. I found out that one of the RAM modules doesn't appear to work, the PC won't start with just that one 8GB, the second one worked. So I changed the set with another one, the same but with different timing (CL14 14-14-34).
I also updated the BIOS to the latest version.

So right now I have this:
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
AsRock X370 Taichi
G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB DDR4 3200MHz (CL14 14-14-34)

The bios sees the two RAM modules, works on Dual Channel, I even applied the overclock profile and the RAM runs on 3200MHz.
After installing the Windows though, the computer started to freeze, it works for 5-10 min and freezes. A couple of times I got a blue screen with an error CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT, but in most of the cases it would just freeze and I have to restart it from the button.
I removed the RAM overclock profile, in case that was causing the problem, but that didn't solve it.
I have not overclocked the CPU.

The temperature seems fine, when I open the bios after a freeze the CPU is working on 30 degrees C.
It's not the storage, I installed the Windows on a new NVMe first, but then tried it on an old SATA SSD.
A PSU problem seems unlikely to me, since it was working perfectly fine on my old PC (i7 4790K, Asus Maximus VII Hero and two GPUs). It's Cooler Master V850.

Any ideas?
Thank you.
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  1. Latest BIOS update might be a good idea, the platform is still new and unreliable at times. Apply all latest Windows 10 updates as well.
  2. herrwizo said:
    Latest BIOS update might be a good idea, the platform is still new and unreliable at times. Apply all latest Windows 10 updates as well.

    Yes, I'm running the latest BIOS version.
    And I cannot update my Windows, since the computer would freeze very fast, there's no time.
  3. Try using only a single memory stick. Then only the other one. One of them might still be faulty.

    Also, I know that the following is not a very popular solution, but... use Microsoft's media creation tool to download the latest Windows 10 with all updates (you will likely have to do it on a different computer) and use it to install Windows from scratch.

    If nothing helps, you might consider to RMA the motherboard.
  4. herrwizo said:
    Try using only a single memory stick. Then only the other one. One of them might still be faulty.

    It's what I decided to do. So far, it's been half an hour and it works without freezing...
    But what is the chance? Seriously, what is the chance of a second set of faulty RAM?
    Could it be the motherboard? Or the CPU? Like something that refuses to work with two sticks of RAM?

    I'm leaving it to work for an hour or so and then I'll try the other stick.
    I'll try this working one on B2 (unless I cannot have a single stick on B2)...

    p.s. Ups, nope, it froze again. It made it for like 40 minutes, but now it's stuck again.
  5. Best answer
    Go with clean Windows install with all latest updates contained within the installation image. It seems to help in many cases with Ryzen, especially if Windows were not reinstalled from scratch immediately after upgrading the hardware.
  6. Got another set of RAM and mobo today - Corsair Dominator Platinum (16-18-18-36) and Asus Crosshair VI Hero.
    I exchanged the G.Skill with the Corsair and the system looked more stable. Yet it froze twice. But it was holding for longer and I managed to update the Win.
    Now the system runs for few hours without any issue. I even put the G.Skill back in and it's perfectly fine. Both sets of RAM overclock to 3200 by just loading the available OC profile in the BIOS.

    Looks like you were right, herrwizo - seems like the problem was the Windows. Updating it seems to solve all the issues.
    Thank you very much.

    Now I have a set of RAM and a mobo that I don't need. I guess I'll have to send them back to Amazon.

    p.s. Can I use both the G.Skill and the Corsair RAM together? Would that cause some issue with the RAM overclock, seeing that they have different timings?
  7. Mixing RAM is usually not advised - it might work fine in some cases (test if you wish and see), but it can also cause instability, especially when overclocking. I'd keep only a matching set of memory.
  8. You likely don't need 32GB of RAM and actually using four sticks will slow down ALL of them. Go with the two you like best, I believe they are exactly the dame under the heat sink/dressing. I have the G.Skill...wanted the Trident but very happy as mine set to 3200 immediately after I updated the BIOS...2400 on install.

    You have the luxury of choosing between two nice boards. I have the Taichi and prefer it over the ASUS for several reasons, the ~$50 difference being one reason. I think, overall, the Taichi is the better buy.
  9. I kept the G.Skill and the Taichi and sent the rest to Amazon.
    Did some overclock today (my knowledge there is pretty basic) - CPU@4GHz and RAM@3200. It seems to work very well for now.
    I noticed that some of the programs I use (like DAZ Studio) perform actually worse with the Ryzen than they did with my old i7-4790K. (with or without the overclock)

    Thanks for your help, guys.
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